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Blade 350 QX from Horizon

Hi all,

I think a lot of you have already heard about the Blade 350 QX which should be soon available.

I’m not sure to take one, but in the doubt I decide to make a model config for my radio based on the manual ( here ).

Here is the information I found:

  • For unlock motors and save your start position you have to move the rudder stick full left then full right * For cutting off motors it’s depend on the radio, for the Spektrum basic radio is by moving the throttle trim at it's min value, but for the other is by pressing the bind/trainer switch assigned on Ch 7 * The select mode are on the Gear channel, and apparently you have to reverse the channel (but not sure for us) * The return to home switch is on Ch 6

The functionality of the model config:

  • When you switch up the RUDD Switch that will simulate the rudder stick moving sequence to activate motors, your throttle stick need to be at the minimum value and the FMOD switch on FMOD0 to launch the sequence * When you switch back down the Rudd Switch that will simulate a press and release button on the 7th channel to cut off motors * I use the FMOD switch to select the flight mode. I reverse the channel like it’s said for the programmable Spektrum radio but I’m not sure if it’s necessary for us * The Gear Switch is used to activate return to home

I made the model config on the Devo 8S with DeviationTX 3.0 so if you test the file on another radio can you say if it’s work.

On the Zip file you can find the modelico and the toggle.bmp that I use on my radio.


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