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Blade 350QX Config/Template and Icon

Hello everyone,

Just recently picked up a Devo12s and uploaded Deviation firmware, so far my only RC is a Blade 350 QX Quad. I made this config/layout to utilize the blade basically as it is originally supposed to be configured.

The only thing different is I added 70% limits on the Aileron and Elevators both using Aile & Elev D/R switch position 1 for helping learn Agility mode and added motor kill onto a switch (you can still use trim)

Gear 1 is used for Return to home.

Trainer switch is used for resetting timer and stopwatch.

Hold 1 is used for motor kill.

Fmod is used for Mode selection (0-safe, 1- AP, 2-stability).

Trim R+/R- gives you options for Agility mode when in safe or stability mode.

Also included is a Model Icon I made of the Quad (I figured out how to get it transparent, uploaded the updated file)

I didn't see a separate file for the template but as far as I know the model file has all of it together. If anyone likes the setup, as soon as I get a gimbal I will be adding that to the config and can upload the updated file.



This was made on my Devo12s with 4.01 Firmware


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