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Blade Nano CP / NCPx

Attached is a config for the blade NCPx / Blade Nano CP.

DR/Expo for ELE, AIL, RUD with corresponding switches on the TX.

Throttle hold with Gear switch.

FMODE0 gives you normal flight mode: pitch mostly positive and 5 points throttle from -100 to +100

FMODE1 gives you a 3 points V shaped throttle curve 100-80-100, pitch is -100 to +100 linear with 30% expo.

FMODE2 gives you a flat 100% throttle curve, pitch is -100 to +100 linear with 30% expo.

Can obviously be improved / tailored to your needs but it should get you started and flying the little bird in a mater of minutes.

Icon for NCPx can be found here : NCPx icon

Have Fun!


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