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E-Flite UMX HABU S DF180 Config DEVO10

It took me a while to set this one up. Ch5 / Gear is Flight Mode and Ch6 is Panic Mode. I have this for a DEVO 10 and I use ELEV D/R for Sticky Throttle Hold. I use RUDD D/R for Panic mode. FMOD switch for Flight Modes of course. I have added Aileron to Rudder mixing with AUX4 knob as a Aileron to Rudder mix Gain. If the AUX4 is -100, then there is no Rudder mixed with the Ailerons. If the AUX4 is at +100, then there is maximum Rudder mixed with Aileron input. I'm running 50% and it seems good, but I'm a novice so I don't know if I can give reliable feedback on that.


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