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Floureon H101 Devo10 Inverted flight Trainer

Hi Guys,

here is a Model.ini for The H101 - but this one is a bit special. I did this for using this quad (and maybe others in this style as well) as a 3D trainer, for train the inverted flight views.

While flipping it to inverted mode, the Quad negates its Controls by itself - not good for beeing a trainer.

But it is possible to start inverted with this quad - So I Had the Idea to add a switch that inverts the Controls like they are on a Heli that is flying upside down.

Short explanation of the model file:

FMOD0: High Rates, While in FMOD0, AILE D/R1 increases the rates a little bit more

FMOD1: High Rates, Flips enabled

FMOD2: low Rates

MIX1: Half Flips

MIX2: Full Flips - if needed in other Flight Modes than FMOD1

GEAR1: Inverts Throttle (pay attention while toggling with no TH!) and the other relevant channels.

RUDD D/R1: Throttle Hold

Counter Reset is on TRIM_L+

Note: No Headless Mode, No RTH configured!

Have Fun!




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