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Juncheng 3015-1 / 3015-2

Thank Goebish that allowed me to best use these beautiful micro quadcopters, I am attaching my ini files for DEVO 7E configured to switch 3×2

Here's a test version for Devo 7e:…

Source code:

It has CX10 Green, Blue-A, WLToys Q282 (thanks hexfet), DM007, JC3015-1, JC3015-2 and MK33041 format options.

Channel 5 controls rate (except on Q282: controls lights)

Channel 6 controls flips (double flips if >50 on JC3015-2)

Channel 7 controls picture snapshot (except on JC3015-1: controls lights)

Channel 8 controls video recording (requires toggle to start/stop on some models)

Channel 9 controls headless

Channel 10 controls RTH


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