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KK2.0 Multirotor

KK2.0 Multirotor with the Spektrum Receiver.

KK2.0 Multirotor with the Devo Receiver.

I am using the Spektrum AR6100 6 Channel Receiver 2.4 GHz, Protocol=DSM2.

If you have a Spektrum Receiver with DSMX you might have to switch the Protocol=DSM2 to Protocol=DSMX

  • Model Type=Plane * TX Power=100mW * Channels=7 * Protocol=DSM2 * No Fixed ID * Stick Mode 2

If you need Stick Mode 1, 3, or 4 load the model into your transmitter then change the Stick Mode in the transmitter settings.

Model 27 is for KK2.0 with the Spektrum Receiver, Deviation Firmware v4, and the DEVO 6/6S/8/8S/10/12/12S.

Model 28 is for KK2.0 with the Devo Receiver, Deviation Firmware v4, and the DEVO 6/6S/8/8S/10/12/12S.

* These models will not work for deviation firmware v2.1 or v3.

** These models will work on the Devo 7e also but due to there being one less flight mode on that Devo you will not have all three flight modes. You will only have Flight Mode 1 and Flight Mode 2.

I just test flew this model on my Devo 10.

Connect the “Gear” channel on the Spektrum Receiver or Devo Receiver to “AUX” on the KK2.0.

On the KK2.0 go into Mode Settings, Self-Level and select “AUX”.

Instructions for the Spektrum Receiver

Bind the Spektrum Receiver to the Devo Transmitter:

Connect the Bind Plug to BATT on the Spektrum Receiver.

Make sure the Bind Plug has the wire going from one end to the other end. There are some bind plugs that have the wire going from the center to one end (Walkera uses these), don't use this to bind the receiver as it will not work and might damage the receiver.

Power up the KK2.0 with the bind plug connected, turn on the Devo Transmitter, go to (1) Model menu, (1) Model menu, scroll down to “Bind” and select it. The Devo Transmitter will now bind to the Spektrum Receiver.

Once the bind is completed power off the KK2.0 and transmitter and remove the Bind Plug from the Spektrum Receiver.

Power on the KK2.0 then power on the Transmitter. You are now ready to fly the quad.

You only have to have to go into the Model Menu and press Bind the first time. Once it binds with the Spektrum Receiver you don't have to do this again.

I have a complete setup guide with pictures and videos for the KK2.0 on my web site if you need it.

If you already have your KK2.0 setup then all you need to do is make sure that Self-Level is set to “AUX” and the “Gear” Channel on the Spektrum Receiver is connected to the “AUX” on the KK2.0.

This setup is based off of the model of r1turk80.

The GEAR switch is used to toggle Self-Level mode ON and OFF when in FMOD1 and FMOD2.

* Set stick scaling on the KK2 board to 100 or higher.

FMOD0: Stable Flight. Good for beginners. Self-Level Mode is ON

Low dual rates and positive expo to tame the quad down.

ELEV D/R = 50% EXP +30%

AILE D/R = 50% EXP +30%


FMOD1: Normal Flight. Self-Level Mode is OFF

ELEV D/R = 75% EXP +20%

AILE D/R = 75% EXP +20%


FMOD2: 3D Acrobatic Flight. Self-Level Mode is OFF




Download the Configuration Settings File.

Right click the “model.ini ” and select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As” depending if you are using IE or Firefox.

Install the configuration settings file into your models folder (See my How to video below).

This will overwrite the current file so make sure that model slot doesn’'t have a model being used in it. If it does rename the configuration settings file to another number that you have free.

Example: The file you downloaded is named model5 so change the “5“ to another slot number that you don’t have a model setup for. If you have model slot 6 open rename the file to model6

How to Import/Export Deviation Firmware Models




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