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Lanyu ASW28

This may be useful to someone. May also be good starting point for other gliders.

Devo 8s Mode 2

ADIF Aileron differencial

E>F Elevator > Flap mixing

A>R Aileron > Rudder mix. R/DR sw

F>A Flap > Aileron mix. AIL/DR sw

F>E Flap > Elevator.

CROW Airbrakes. Gear sw

AIL.T Aileron Trim. Trims ailerons up/down together.

Flap1, Flap2. Mix1 Mix2 sw

A>F Aileron > Flap mix. ELE/DR sw

DFL.T Dual Flap Trim. R Trim. Trims flaps opposite to each other.

Flaps L Trim

Motor brake

This is for DSM2 with Spectrum AR7000 rx. Have done another setup for PPM with Corona rx.

Have setup sheets with descriptions for ASW28.

Setup sheets below are very useful when setting up a new model from scratch.

Will add more info.



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