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Ni Hui U207

Like my last thread start here, for the Syma X11, I see a need for standalone thread for the NiHui U207 quadcopter. It's a really good model. Thanks to SeByDocKy :) for telling us in detail how good that Quad really is.

So I was very happy to see report(s) that the U207 SHOULD work on Deviation using the 717 protocol.

I tried it, but mine doesn't bind. That leads me to wonder if my config. file is good, and in turn to see discussion on the subject here. So I'm attaching my U207 model.ini file, as a starting point of ref. Note: it does NOT work for me, so I don't recommend someone try to use it. Feel free to lok at it, and even test it if you wish. It's just (apparently) not ready for the show yet.

BTW, for the U207, I created and uploaded an icon in the Devo7E icons area.


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