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Syma X11 config

As some of us are now successfully controlling our X11 quads with Deviation modded Devo controllers using the SymaX protocol, I went looking for an official “model config” thread here. Sorry if one ALREADY exists, in which case this should go there. But I couldn't find one, so I'm starting one.

[center][size=2]Before I get into details, I just want to mention I flew my X11 yesterday with my Devo7E for the first time, and I have to say WOW :woohoo: It's like flying a new much better quad. Incredible. It's breathed new life into my X11 flying, which I have almost given up on… because yaw and pitch and roll are so weak on the stock controller.[/size][/center]

I have a config. file working for the X11 [color=#999999](actually I have two)[/color], thanks to what Durete posted in “Devo 7e models” about five weeks ago. But following the rules here [color=#999999](which make good sense)[/color], I thought I'd start a place that focuses on the X11 variants ONLY.

Likewise, since the X12 quads work on the SymaX protocol too, we should create a separate thread for that particular model [color=#999999](even though the config files will probably be nearly 100% interchangeable)[/color].

If you're wondering, some icons for the X11 are posted over in the icons for Devo 7E/10 thread [color=#999999](B&W LoRes icons)[/color].

Right now I'm wondering if/how the config. file could be changed to produce better Yaw/Rudder.

I've posted my slight variation on Durete's file. Make sure you specify in the third line (or so) an icon you have in your “modelico” folder. The config. file version I'm uploading as “model1.ini” refers to an icon I created. Durete I think is using another one [color=#999999](a good one too)[/color]. Neither are stock/default icons.

I'm gonna check again, but I think yesterday I got better yaw rate using another config, created on the Devo7, that uses “template=simple” for the channels [color=#999999](I'm uploading that one as “model3.ini”)[/color] If that's true, the difference probably lies ways the curves are defined in the two [color=#999999](or three)[/color] different config. files.




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