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Syma X12 config.

Starting a thread for this model, which uses the SymaX protocol, which is available (as of now) in the nightly builds (but not the 4.01 release).

My config attempts to push the Yaw rate on this slow Yaw model. The X12 yaw doesn't benefit as much as the X11 model's yaw rate does to DeviationTX custom controls.

I also shape my curves, for gentle responsiveness near base position (zero throttle, center stick for the other controls), then more responsiveness (larger increments of change) as you move the stick further from center. Kind of like using acceleration settings with a mouse. It helps me finely maneuver at slow speeds or slow motions (AIL, ELE, RUD, even THR).

Flip is channel 6, not channel 5, which works when HOLD1 is active, an you move the ELE or AIL far enough. I discovered I can keep flying normally with HOLD1 on as long as I don't push those too far. If I do, it flips ;-)

FMODE0 and 1 have slightly different rates, but even the gentler FMODE0 is more responsive than the Syma controller. You could turn that down. I leave it this way and just keep stick near center if I don't want too much motion change.

My own icon (non standard) is specified in the config. file. You'll need to pick one you have on your Devo. For convenience I'm attaching my icon here. I previously posted it where it best can be found, over in the Devo 7E/10 icons thread


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