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Syma X5C config for Video and Photo use

The X5C-1 model file below is a modification to a file posted here earlier by Durete; many thanks for an excellent starting point. It is tailored for Video/Photo using the camera on the X5C-1 and fits a Devo 7e with two switches. I use the late nightly builds. If you use the current release, you may have to change the model type to PLANE.

There are two rate settings controlled by FMODE. The high setting is slightly detuned but still allows full authority when you want to move around with ease.

The low rate setting is grossly detuned to easily make smooth panning and translational movements while filming. In the low-rate mode, the roll and yaw are swapped so you can pan without the chance of moving the throttle. This leaves you with pitch and yaw on the right stick and allows you to move around fairly easily when taking video. It can be confusing, and if it is not to your liking, it is easily changed back to normal in the first mixer of the AIL and RUD commands. Thanks to a video here somewhere about an EOX for the tip about the swap. Since it is not a normal flight mode, the transmitter is set to beep while it is in the low-rate mode (TIMER3), so you don't forget where you are. The low-rate mode is only suitable for reasonably calm air.

The camera is controlled by the Throttle Trim switch:

Momentary UP movement takes a single photo.

Momentary DOWN movement toggles the video ON or OFF.

There may be a problem with the trim in the swapped channels in low rate. I didn't check it, and probably wouldn't know how to fix it anyway. If you use roll or yaw trim, be aware of a potential problem.

The HOLD switch turns on the FLIP mode. It will flip when there is a large input as long as the switch is ON. This may have been on a trim switch in the original file and that gives a one-time flip

I'll be interested in improvements/changes that you make if you try to use this file.


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