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Tarot/Align 450 DFC w/ Walkera 2702v 3-axis

Tarot 450 dfc:

rx2702v-d 3-axis receiver.

CC Ice 50 governed to 3100rpm with 9.3:1 gear ratio, 3400kv motor. You will need to set up different throttle curves if you are not using a governor.

ds415m cyclic servos. savox sh-1257mg tail servo.

Ail, Ele, or Col(Pitch) might have to be inverted in the swash settings; be sure your swash is tilting in the right directions.

No expo so it could be twitchy.

Do not use this unless you are at least a bit familiar with deviation and setting up a 2702v 3-axis, I don't want anyone to get hurt.

Edit: I have re-uploaded the .ini to not include my subtrims and ccpm offesets because anyone else who uses this will have to set up different ones i'm sure.


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