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Trex 500 FlyBar with 2801

Attached is my set up for my Trex 500 Flybar, Logictec 2100 Gyro. Swash is at 55,55,60, Travel Adjustments 100%, Expo/DR at 100/20 on 1 for both Ele/Ail. 100/Line on 2. Rudder is 60/30 because gyro is very fast. Gyro at 30/-50 for to modes (your will probably be different)

You have to set the trims for your heli and check all servo movement, plus the CCPM movement. Took me a while to figure it out but once I inverted the Ail in swash mix section it was all good.

Once again, don't forget to change title to model#.ini


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