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X Quadcopter/Crius Multiwii SE/Devo 10/1002 RX

Attached is my new Setup for a X525 Quadcopter(should work for any X-Quad).

Board is Crius Multiwii SE V2.1. Radio is Devo 10 with 1002RX

D/R is 75%, Exp at 25% and 100%/Line for the Elev (Pitch) and Ail (Roll).

Elev & Ail Dual Rates on Elev & Ail switches

Rudd (Yaw) is fixed at D/R 100%, Exp is Line. No Dual Rate switch enabled.

FMode switch controls Level, Baro and Mag. (Don't forget extra Servo Board Lead)

FMode 0 is Acro flight, no assist.

FMode 1 is Level only

FMode 2 is Level and Baro and Mag.

Ch6 is dummy channel for lights later.


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