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Version 5.0.0

Version 5.0.0 was released on 2016-04-30

You must install the filesystem along with the new firmware. Make sure to save your models first!
The configuration of hardware mods has changed since the previous 4.0.1 version. Instead of the tx.ini, they are in a new hardware.ini file, just like they were in the last nightly builds.


  • Follow the instructions in the User Manual that applies to your transmitter

Critical bug fixes

  • DSM2/DSMX fixes for lost binding during operation

Major Features

  • Allow reordering mixers on Devo7e/10
  • Reworked telemetry to have different displays for different protocols
  • Add Range Test capability
  • Support permanent timers

Minor Features / Bug Fixes

  • Support hardware modification to add extra switches to the devo7e
  • Support hardware modification to add vibration for Devo6/8
  • Add support for multi-module
  • Automatically reorder channels when changing protocols
  • Support smaller fonts in Devo7e
  • Improve volume control
  • Fix telemetry alarms
  • Fix power output contol for CC2500 protocols
  • Fix date displays
  • Support 4 alarm sounds for timers
  • Improve scrolling on many of the GUI screens
  • Support viewing virtual channels on Channel-test page
  • Telemetry alarms are more prominent
  • Properly display PPMIN on main page
  • Add debug log display option
  • Support newer Devo12S (with Rev2 Epson LCD driver)
  • Fix channel mapping when loading templates
  • Remove hardcoded fonts to improve theme-ability
  • Protocol fixes
    • YD717 - Fix channels for rudder, aileron, elevator
    • YD717 - Use random channels to allow multiple vehicles to fly in the same area
    • YD717 - Enable high-rate mode
    • YD717 - Support receiver throttle saftey
    • YD717 - Don't hang the transmitter waiting for a response from the model
    • Properly handle Tx mode in Hubsan protocol
    • DSM2/X - telemetry display fixes. Support temperature display
    • DSM2/X - support extended telemetry info
    • DSM2/X - fix GPS heading units
    • DSM2/X - RSSI in dBM
    • WK* - Show dialog until biding is complete
    • USBHID - Support up to 12 channels
    • V202 - Support bind on power-up
    • PPMOUT - Allow more than 10 channels
    • V202 - Add 250kbps mode, headless, and calibration
    • HiSky - Support 3/6 axis option
    • Devo - Fix loss of signal issue with telemetry enabled
    • Flysky - Update packet period to increase compatibilty with more receivers

New protocols

  • SymaX
  • Frsky 2-way and V8 protocols
  • YD717 now supports Sky Walker 1306
  • YD717 supports XinXun
  • Crazyflie 'CFlie' protocol
  • H377 protocol
  • HM380 protocol
  • KN (V977) protocol
  • ESky150 protocol
  • Bluefly HP100
  • Flysky supports WLToys V6x6, v919, v913 v915
  • CX10 protocol
  • CG023 protocol - supports EAchine CG023 / 3D X4 / Attop YD-829(C)
  • Joysway protocol
  • Hontai protocol
  • MT99 protocol - Supports Eachine H7
  • FY326 protocol
  • Bayang protocol - Supports H8 model and others
  • MJXq protocol
  • H8_3d protocol
  • Futaba S-FHSS protocol
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