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Version 99.99.99 (Nightly Builds)

These changes are only in the nightly builds, and will be part of the next major release

This document has been updated to include changes through commit c07562af

You must install the filesystem along with the new firmware. Make sure to save your models first!
The background image filename has changed. If you are using a theme, the background must be renamed to media/backgrnd.bmp

Changes also planned for 5.0.1

  • Prevent flickering on screen redraw on devo8/devo12 on main screen
  • Timers and other dynamic content will refresh properly on the emulator
  • Stick alignment text will be displayed in the proper position on the devo12/8 screen
  • Protocol fixes
    • JJRC H11D - Add additional channels and flags
    • H8 3D - Fix channel hopping

Major Features

  • Major rewrite of the menuing code. Devo8/12 now uses a menu like the Devo10/7e, and can be fully navigated using only Tx buttons. While things should be more consistent, button control on all transmitters has changed some.

Minor Features / Bug Fixes

  • Enable addig extra pots via hardware.ini
  • DevoFS stability fixes (only affects Devo F* and AT-9)
  • Fixes for Frsky (D8) hub telemetry

New Protocols

  • Frskyx3 - Support for Frsky-X receivers

Supported Transmitters

Note: These transmitters are supported but are not gauranteed to be stable enough for the next official release

  • Devo F12E
  • Devo F7
  • Devo F4
  • Radiolink AT9 (requires RF mod to use)
  • devo7e-ultimate (devo7e with replaced MCU to give devo10 like functionality)
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