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 +===== V911 Module Removal =====
 +**Note: There are a few WLToys transmitters that do not contain an A7105 module and cannot be used for these procedure. ​ An example is the V202 transmitter. ​ Note that these transmitters may be labeled as V929/V939 even though they are not actually compatible with those models.**
 +Removing the A7105 module form a V911 transmitter will destroy the transmitter. ​ Do not proceed until you accept this.
 +==== Step1: Disassemble V911 Transmitter ====
 +The 1st step is to disassemble the V911 transmitter. ​ Start by removing 5 screws from the back of the transmitter as shown
 +Once the screws are removed, pull the antenna off; it will be tight, but will come off once the screws are removed.
 +Next, remove the 8 screws shown below that hold in the main circuit-board and LED-board. ​ At this point, it should be possible to pull the main-board away from the transmitter case.
 +==== Step 2: Remove the A7105 transmit module ====
 +Now that the main board is fully exposed, it is time to remove the A7105 transmit module
 +      ​
 +The easiest way is probably to use a hack-saw or wire-cutters to cut out the module. ​ If this method is used make sure none of the pads are sorted together when finished.
 +Alternatively using a solder-sucker syringe or solder-wick,​ the module can be de-soldered and cleanly removed.
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