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Possbile Devo F12E deviation firmware 5.0.0?

07 Jun 2018 16:48 #69580 by Ouchee
Hi I am new to the forum and wonder if there will be a V5.0.0 for F12E in the future? I recently bought a F12E and wanted to use DSMX feature from Deviation for all my nano FPV drone but unfortunately the one I am capable install successfully was a Nightly build version which still has the "loss bind" issue during mid flight.

Is there a Nightly Build which has fixed the issue?

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11 Jun 2018 13:55 #69609 by Thomas.Heiss
Replied by Thomas.Heiss on topic Possbile Devo F12E deviation firmware 5.0.0?
Please provide more details.

Have you tried Vlad's build for F12E: www.deviationtx.com/forum/builds/6407-de...cols?start=380#69111

However, I was not aware that we have actually any issues with "loss bind" for the DSMx protocol, either in nightly builds or in Vlad's GUI 5.0.0 firmware builds with updated protocol sources (from nightly).

Yes, there had been DSM protocol changes from the 5.0.0 stable release.

Are you talking about a loss in the **video link** instead of the Spektrum DSMx protocol (bind)?
Have you been losing control of the quad?

In 09/2017 I had downloaded deviation-devo10-v5.0.0-3c30cbd.zip for my Devo 10 (GUI menu scrolling changes). Not sure if I had made any actual DSMx flights afterwards (DSM protocol sources were not changed).

However, I flew **successfully** with Vlad's 5.0 build on DSMx with Spektrum telemetry (TM1000) about August to October 2016.
No problems on the Devo 10.

As soon as 1-2 planes are fixed, I will be hopefully back summer 2018 to my Devo10 with nightly build 3c30cbd from 09/2017.

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11 Jun 2018 15:30 #69610 by Ouchee
Thanks for the reply, I will give Vlad's build a try.

I used Blade nano qx2 for the test flight. it hovers for like 2 minutes before it drops on the ground, I was not looking at the F12E screen at the time and was testing out the control and trim. I thought my binding process was incorrect that's why it lost control. I re-bind it again and this time I was watching the FPV screen, again around just over 1 minute of flying, I lost control and nano flew straight into a wall. it looks like the transmitter "re-booted" itself this time. On the third attempt, I re-binded and switching between 3rd person view and FPV monitor every now and then, this time was the flight was lot shorter before it lost control and landed, on my way to pick up the drone I moved the radio stick and it re-gain control, maybe we are talking about 3-5 sec after it lands, I did not check whether the FPV screen comes back on or stayed in Blue screen as I turned off the radio which I should have checked before turning it off.

Given a choice of protocol, should I use DSM or DSMX? either should work right?

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18 Jun 2018 17:00 #69669 by Ouchee
I installed the nightly build you suggested. I got the nano fpv2 to bind but there is no controls even though it is solid blue light after binded. Also the model setting does not seem to save and every time I re-boot the transmitter, all settings are lost and have to redo it again.

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22 Jun 2018 18:07 #69688 by Ouchee
Some firmware has 2 files for download, one normal while the other has XMS in the name. Are they both the same??? or they are completely 2 different firmware??

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