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Intermittant pulses from stick inputs

07 Oct 2018 18:41 #71216 by SteveB
Having trouble with a frsky receiver Using a T8SG Plus (Now my favorite TX and all the spektrums sit on the shelf). I can bind the radio and see reactions to input in Betaflight but have never got it to arm (switch arming). For whatever reason my inputs all work, but in 30 ms intervals. The throttle goes between 885 and 1260 (when left low) and the other inputs stay stable at 1500 but only bounce when moved. The screenshot below is BF with the throttle left low and the aileron held full right.

The blue line at the bottom represents the throttle and the orange line bouncing from center to high is the aileron. If I center all sticks the lines (inputs) all stay centered correctly and the CH5 and CH6 switches stay where I put them (the green lines on the top)
This transmitter is fantastic on five other receivers, all DMSX, but this is my first attempt to bind it to frsky.

Need Help, going crazy trying to figure out what is happening!

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