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Blade 130x bo105 wobble


I'm new to this forum and also a bit of a noob with the deviation software. This week i got my new devo 10 and i upgraded it with deviation. My solo pro, mini cp and 4f200lm all work fine with the software and the model configs i downloaded of this forum but my red bull 130x is having a cyclical wobble when i fly it. When hovering it isn't falling out of the air but the servi is acting as if its compensating for heavy wind while flying inside. I downloaded almost all 130x model configs i could find of the forum and tried them all. They all give my heli the wobble. I also tried to change the settings myself but could't find any settings that changed the behaviour. Does anyone know what to do. AGAIN im a bit of a noob with this and after two days of hobbying i don't know what to do anymore.

Attached are the ini files i tried.







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