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Gyro Settings (Super CP)

So my Devo 10 and Super CP arrived yesterday. I only got to give the Super CP a quick hover test, as the only open space in the house with nothing fragile was about 6ft square :P .

I then flashed Deviation to my transmitter and set about configuring the mixers for the Super CP. It took a little while to get used to but I'm getting the hang of it now. This firmware is great, you can make any channel do just about anything you could want.

The setting I'm having an issue with is the Gyro sensitivity.

Going by the instructions, I should convert 0-100% values to -100 to +100.

The gyro settings in the Super CP manual are 75%, 70%, 50% using Mix0, Mix1, Mix2 to set them.

So I set them as:

[Mix0] 75% = 50 —> (75+75-100)

[Mix1] 70% = 40 —> (70+70-100)

[Mix2] 50% = 0 —> (50+50-100)

When set like this, if I spin up the heli and switch to Mix2 the bind LED starts to blink and the tail rotor will not spin ever. The main motor and servos still control fine, but it seems to disable the tail rotor entirely.

Should I be using the % values as is for this setting? i.e. 75% = 75 instead of 50

Heres my ini file for the model so far.


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