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Hobby King Assault Reaper 500 with Devo12 config

Here are initial Settings for the Hobby King Assault Reaper 500 (like Stingray 500).

The Settings are like the settings from the manual with small improvements:

- If you switch the flight mode the Reaper will not jump or fall.

- The Hold=1 switches off the motor (for configuration and starting and crash)

- The ELEV D/R sets the sensitivity of Ele and Aile (mid – low - high)

- Mix Switch regulates the Gyro (80%/70%/50%) but this is not tested, I did not feel any difference. I Use an RX601 with Aux1 (Chan 5) to Aux1 (Reaper).

- The Timer is set to 7minutes, reset=TRN switch

I did not flip or things like this with the Reaper the settings are ok for hovering and regular drone flight.

Has anyone other settings so far?

I think with some small modifications in the ini File these Settings will work for other Devo models.


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