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Version 4.0.0

Version 4.0.0 was released on 2013-12-31

This is a major release of the Deviation firmware

IMPORTANT: You must install the filesystem along with the new firmware. Make sure to save your models first!

Major Features

  • Full support for the Devo12 screen
  • New fully configurable main-page layout
  • Limited functionality on Devo7e

Minor features

  • Protocol-specific telemetry pages
  • New protocols
    • V202 (needs NRF24L01 module)
    • Tactic SLT (needs NRF24L01 module)
    • Hisky (needs NRF24L01 module)
    • USBHID (use transmitter as a PC joystick)
  • Support for 'master' trainer/buddy-box mode
  • Support for PPM inputs (FPV headset)
  • Support for RTC in Devo12


  • Switches are now numbered (e.g.GEAR0, GEAR1). Deviation will properly convert old models, but older versions of Deviation will not properly support models made for version 3.0 or newer
  • The channel scale is applied after the safety value. If safety is in use, make sure to check the values
  • The toggle icon locations have changed. Generally all models will need to be reconfigured to use the new icons. This was unintentional, but not easily rectified at this point.
  • If upgrading from a previous Deviation release and using an A7105 module (Flysky/Hubsan), the module will be initially disabled until you follow the directions here:
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