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Version 4.0.1

Version 4.0.1 was released on 2014-01-03

This is a minor bug-fix release of the Deviation firmware

IMPORTANT: You must install the filesystem along with the new firmware. Make sure to save your models first!

Please see the 4.0.0 release notes for major features of the 4.0 Deviation release.

Bug Fixes

  • Add Hubsan telemetry support
  • Add Hubsan video-recording support
  • Add experimental YD717 protocol support
  • Allow setting battery-alarm on Devo7e up to 9V to support 2S batteries
  • Prevent crash when model icon isn't available
  • Prevent selection of telemetry fields on main-page config page when telemetry is disabled
  • Remove display of 'Timer-1' and 'Timer0'
  • Properly load/save RTC clock format
  • Enable Timer4 to be saved on Devo12
  • Enables 8 channels of output in USBHID joystick mode
  • Enables selection of toggle-icons for non-switches on Devo7e/10
  • Use proper font when displaying low-battery indication on Devo7e/10
  • Minor changes to DR icons for Devo7e/10


  • Devo12 AUX2 and AUX5 have been reversed to be consistent with other controls

Known Bugs

  • Enabling telemetry in the DSM2, DSMX and DEVO protocols might cause your TX to hang or reboot, which results a crash
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