3in1 / 4in1 RF module

18 Jun 2018 21:34 #69672 by NathanBarguss
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@goebish - Thank you!

I was more seeing if there was interest enough to upload it :)

I've added it here: www.thingiverse.com/thing:2967399

... the found that someone's made almost the exact same thing in May! #Facepalm, next time I'll search first!

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07 Dec 2018 02:28 - 10 Dec 2018 05:44 #71996 by BirdBarber
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How to identify old design 4-in-1 modules.

The really old 4-in-1s had LNA problems that have been fixed. This effects telemetry and binding with some protocols that need 2 way communication during binding. The LNA is a Low Noise Amplifier that amplifies signals sent back to the transmitter from the receiver.

Some low bit rate NRF24L01 protocols like for the V911S and E010 have difficulty binding with 4-in-1 boards. The older 4-in-1s may have more difficulty, but it has not been verified. It may also just be the luck of the draw if your 4-in-1's crystal is accurate enough for the low bit rate protocols. We need more feedback from user tests to know if it's mostly an older 4-in-1 problem or luck of the draw.

Here is a photo that shows the differences between a July 2016 4-in-1 and a November 2018 one. Note 2016 has edge printing and the 2018 has extra unused solder pads in the center. Also the 2018 board is blue and the 2016 is greenish blue. I don't know if any additional versions were released between the two versions pictured.

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11 Dec 2018 14:58 - 11 Dec 2018 16:37 #72048 by Thomas.Heiss
Replied by Thomas.Heiss on topic 3in1 / 4in1 RF module
Hello @BirdBarber, Hello all,

where can you get those updated / more reliable 4-in-1 modules for Devo10?
Are there any good sources accessible from Europe / Germany?

Banggood and many Amazon and Ebay sellers from China or Hongkong do ALL show the picture of your (green) July 2016 board with the imprint YRF03_V1.0 at the moment.

The 2018 module version on the right side does not has any version imprint anymore?

It is so weird that a customer has posted on the Bangood 4-in-1 Devo review, that he received " this is genuine module ver 1.1".

Maybe BG has just forgotten or there was no time for yet to update their pictures?

Unfortunately BG has a pretty crappy return / checking policy of only three days if you ask me.

In no way can I check the DSMx HF module for fullrange in three days with that bad winter weather.
To test CC2500 (S-FHSS XK K110) and NRF24L01 (Boldclash B03) I also would need more time...or at least 2-3 micro quads (I can not get any item here in Germany)...same for Hubsan A7105 protocol stuff (someone wrote somewhere e.g Flysky was not working for him at all).

I can't remember the review where I read it, but a customer had problems with 2+ HF modules as a) either the DSM module was not giving fullrange or b) the NRF24L01 sucked in the 2nd returned module unit (first it was okay or vise versa).

Will this HF module stuff be a never ending story??

I would have thought to go for Amazon or ebay sellers, as some actually offer:

- 1) 30 days return policy
- 2) Amazon will give you your money back if nothing is sent to you by China market sellers
- 3) 2+ China/Hongkong sellers take the risk on their side of paying for the return package (most China sellers require that the buyer pays for return shipment; not sure how they handle if the HF modules may be faulty)

Honestly, I am pretty lost what route I should take...
Neither am I really interested to only go for a single NRF24L01 module as I only want to have one single antenna (transmitter case for the Devo10)....and then the CC2500 would be missing for K110 BNF....maybe with internal wire antennas??

Neither do I want to go for the yellow T8SG V2 Plus or T12 / Plus with the included 4-in-1 (external) modules at the moment as the sticks seem not to be long enough (compared to Devo10 + Spektrum AfterSales bay sticks) and the transmitter chassis looks smaller than Devo10?!
A video review of the T12 gained my attention that if you are a pult flyer (not thumb flyer) with 2-3 fingers that the top left and right switches will get in your way as the transmitter is just too small and does not provide enough space around the sticks.
The JumperTX (OpenTX) firmware might not fully support all functions as reported by other users...


Q: How do you guys test HF range in winter for the potential FrSky, DSMx telemetry protocols when it is cold and raining all the time? :-)

I think I could maybe live with two NRF24L01 (E011 Bayang telemetry protocol) + Futaba T-FHSS (K110) modules only giving me limited range for indoor gym or small park fliers....it would be very nice if at least FrSky / CC2500 were working out-of-the-box.

Have there been any issues with CC2500 on those 2016-2018 HF 4-in-1 modules to be afraid of FrSky (I have no RX/plane equipment here - EU LBT is another issue for FrSkyX)?

It will probably take at least 30-40 days for me here in Germany to receive some cheap RC quads/helis...

Any tips?
I love my Devo10 (was very reliable on DSMx + TM1000) and DeviationTX as my Spektrum DX8G1 (silver) replacement!

Best regards / Viele Grüße
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11 Dec 2018 19:23 - 11 Dec 2018 22:58 #72053 by BirdBarber
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Banggood and many other vendors are terrible about updating their pictures. I would assume they are selling the newer 4-in-1 modules as they normally only keep minimal stock on hand and must re-order them often.

I happened to get my module on eBay, and he showed the old photo but shipped the new one.He was also a bit slow on shipping.
eBay 4-in-1: www.ebay.com/itm/CC2500-CYRF6936-NRF24L0...p2057872.m2749.l2649

I do my range testing by using the the "Range Test" option on the "Transmitter Menu". It drops the power from say 100mw all the way down to a very faint 30uw (uw not mw), then I make sure that I get 10-15 meters or so of range using the highly reduced power. In theory if you pass the ultra low power test then exit the range test and it returns to full power it should be able to fly beyond line of sight.
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16 Dec 2018 00:02 - 16 Dec 2018 11:30 #72079 by Fer
Replied by Fer on topic 3in1 / 4in1 RF module
I am sure banggood only has the newer version since long time ago, maybe more than a year. I was "unlucky" to purchase 4in1 module as soon as it arrived, and got a "faulty" one. A couple of my quads would bind, but it was impossible to fly because of lagging. Then a few months later a friend ordered another module from bangood. I used that (he changed his mind), and it was from the new batch. I know because the quads having trouble to work with the first of my DEVOs work fine with the second one.
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15 Mar 2019 14:21 #73372 by backman8571
Replied by backman8571 on topic 3in1 / 4in1 RF module
Is it same place on board for the Devo 12 / 12s

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17 Mar 2019 15:07 - 17 Mar 2019 15:07 #73395 by bjr981s
Replied by bjr981s on topic 3in1 / 4in1 RF module
Yes the 12 and 12S have identical main boards.
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